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Deanna Lawrence   

Chaplain ~ CAREgiver ~

Soul Doula ~ End Of Life Doula ~Life Coach 

How I Can Help

A doula can provide hands on support, spiritual support, resources, education and compassionate care

What Is An End of Life Doula?


DOULA - Also known as a birth companion or birth coach.  A Doula  provides care  before, during or after childbirth in the form of informational, spiritual, physical  and emotional support.  

End of Life Doula  - Accompanies those living with terminal illness and end of life decisions.  The doula’s approach is to provide a listening, guiding and gentle presence during the final months, weeks and days of life. By continuing to provide families with uplifting support through the grief and bereavement journey, an  End of Life Doula gently guides the bereaved in coping, healing and moving forward.

Caregiver  -  One on one nursing support for those requiring a helping hand with rehabilitation and a little extra loving care support during Life and End of Life changes. Serving those who are living with debilitating diseases or terminal illness. Providing asistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), Care Planning, Dr.s appointments, personal appointments, quality and meaningful life care.      

Soul Doula  -  Soul mission is to assist you with healing your wounded inner self, identifying low vibrations, to assist in reconnecting with self awareness and self love,  The true healing  starts with you.  Who do you desire to be in the truest aspect of you?  


Caregiver Support and Respite

Aging and Aging In Place 

-Private In Home Caregiving/Nursing Support  or Support in Assited Living Facilities (ALF) or Long Term Care Facilities (LTCF)

Respite Care For Family Members 

One on one training and education for  caregivers and family


Quality of Life and End of Life discussions   

Care Planning

Post/Pre Surgical and  Rehabilitation Support


Bereavement And Grief Journey

Continuing The Story

- Eulogist/Story Teller

Coordinator of Bereavement Services
- Memorial Services
- Private Funerals/Ceromonies  

-Releasing Rituals /Blessings 

One on One Grief Support/Coaching

Grief Support Groups

Death Cafe

 - End of Life Group discussions over tea/coffee  


Life and End of Life Coaching/ Chaplaincy Support

Traditionally, A Chaplain is a spiritual caregiver who is open to anyone in need. The chaplain’s primary role is to provide spiritual and pastoral care in times of  emotional, religious, and ethical care. Chaplains strive for guidance to minister or provide these care needs, regardless of ones denomination, faith, or belief system. Additionally, chaplains are available to provide religious services, spiritual guidance, and counseling. Most Chaplains are in connection with hospital or hospice facility, providing guidance and services for patients, their families, and staff.

- Holding Sacred Space
-Soul Healing
- Forgiveness and Gratitude
-Support Groups
-Self Compassion
-Spiritual Services

Life Coaching with a Soul Doula is for lifestyle or unexpected changes in life. 

This is a beautiful way to feed and water your soul as you navigate your journey and begin to walk in alignment with your higher self.  This service is for moving forward in life by tapping into self - Self Awareness, Self Love and Self  Compassion, and Healing of Self. 💕