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I'M HERE TO WALK THIS PATH WITH YOU, Until it’s time for you to walk the rest Of YOUR Journey alone. ~Deanna 💕

Caregiving Is My Calling ~ Change is hard. Unwanted change is even more difficult to adjust to or allow. Sometimes one needs additional caregiving/ nursing support to navigate these moments of healing and quality of life.  Life changes and End of Life has the ebb and flow of beautiful days of gratitude to difficult days of reflection with physical,emotional,mental strain and pain.  Serving the Atlanta Georgia community for 20 years, I am forever grateful to my mentors, friends, families, my family and those loved ones who I had the plesaure and honor to walk part of the journey with.  Providing the best care of my ability, resources and knowledge is what I tap into, My heart is my guide to bring forth compassionate care, trust, education, well being, quality of life and comfort. I  hold a special place in my heart for those who left me with words of wisdom and blessed me with meaningful  moments. Deanna, learn something new everyday. When I cross over, buy yourself flowers every week to remind you of me and that  husband I’m sending your way.  Learn, love and grow through your work and those you are  called and honored to care for. 

You Have A Big Heart ~ Dream Big ~ Pray Big ~LIVE

Dream Big As My Dreamin’ Tree


With over twenty years of extensive hands on experience in Hospice and End of Life Care, Chaplaincy and Life Coaching have added to my vast history of training and knowledge. My individualized “loving kindness” approach, will assist you attain your life and end of life goals. Your quality of life, care support, goals, legacy work and your families continued support or bereavement support, is what I am here to promote and guide you through.

Regardless of your religious or non religious background, I believe tapping into ones self or the G-D within, invokes the  power of positivity and alignment with your higher self. This can promote inner peace and a shift in one’s mindset, which allows personal healing of self. But more than anything, I meet you were you are and we  navigate together.  

My goal is to help you re-imagine your life and release the intrusive thoughts and behaviors that undermine you and your current happiness. Making a few step towards awareness and healing, opens one up for a renewed and fulfilled version of you that can emerge and thrive. During this time of your life, your soul needs watering. Your seeds and your dreams are deeply rooted, like a tree. Sometimes we just need a  liittle extra love to flow through the water that promotes growth.  


Professionalism and Experience

~As a Eulogist/Storyteller, I am honored to speak about your loved one at funerals, memorial services, unveilings, or other special services.  

The beauty of my work:

  • I listen and learn first hand on who your loved one was, is and is destined to be. 
  • Through shared stories and experiences, I often  learn through words  or actions directly from the one you love.  I’ve learned  that there is quality  of life in one‘s hopes, desires, wishes and dreams. 
  • I love to sit in silence, reflect and journal through  these life changing moments.  When you have a quiet meditative moment, please find some of my journaling captured in  my personal and  professional blog  -Journey Stories.

~As a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing Assistant, and Medical Assistant, I, along with your care team and community resources, will work together to provide personal one on one care, respite, as well as care planning to adapt and fit the needs of an individual requiring assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).


Supportive Journey

Continued adaptive support throughout  your journey.  

I work with organizations to  promote a safe and healthy  environment for employers and  employees, who may be  navigating their own grief   journey or unexpected change. 

* Please note: 

Grief can be any unexpected loss or change during your life‘s journey.  

Chaplaincy work is about being present in the moment with you - I meet you where you are.

~Deanna 💕


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It’s about living

Legacy Tools

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It’s about living

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It’s about living

It’s about living

It’s about living

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